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Gas Turbine Forum Master: Justin Voss serves as the overall technical resource for the Gas Turbine Forum.

Overhaul Best Practices – Moderator: Jeffrey Fassett, PE
Forum addresses topics such as work scope determination; spare parts management; labor resource strategy; safety; quality control; run/repair/replace decision making and startup & troubleshooting.

Component Life Cycle Management– Moderator: Dr. Maxine Watson
Forum addresses inspection issues & strategies as determined by component life cycle; mitigation of component degradation; operational related degradation effects and component life management strategies.

Maintenance Issues – Moderator: Salvatore (Sal) Paolucci
Forum addresses bearings & gear boxes; combustors & combustion components; rotors; gearing systems and other miscellaneous components & systems.

Control Systems & Monitoring– Modertor: Joseph (Joe) Clappis
Forum addresses topics such as: operational controls systems; instrumentation and troubleshooting of operational issues such as vibration and thermal stress.

Efficiency / Heat Rate– Moderator: Rodger Anderson
Forum covers degradation issues which affect gas turbine efficiency and heat rate, as well as strategies to increase power output and improve heat rate.

Governing Protection & Control Systems – Moderator: John Downing
Forum addresses the vulnerabilities of analogue system designs; the upside & downside of the various digital retrofit options and issues with testing, monitoring & troubleshooting.

Auxiliary Systems – Moderator: Scott Cavendish, PE
Forum addresses issues such as turbine: disassembly & reassembly; alignment; foreign material exclusion; thermal distortion, heat rate degradation and life cycle management (LCM).

Aero-Derivative Specifics – Moderator: Bill Torrance, C. Eng., F.I.Mech.E.
Forum addresses issues somewhat unique to Aero-Derivative machines such as their bearings & oil systems; modular construction and specialized applications.

High Impact, Low Probability – Moderator: Septimus van der Linden
Forum address problems with high operational impacts, but low probability for occurance such as: overspeed; blade or wheel frequency resonance; latent defects from manufacturing or foreign objects and unexpected consequential effects resulting from trips or grid separation and more.

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