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Jeff Fassett, Gas Turbine consultant

Jeffrey J. Fassett, PE serves as the moderator of the Overhaul Best Practices category in the ITGC Gas Turbine forum. He is an experienced mechanical engineer who brings extensive experience in all aspects of gas turbine and power plant operations and maintenance. He is a member of ASME, a published author and speaker. He has served in leadership roles for gas turbine users groups and for various industry technical events and conferences. He is an adjunct professor, who has been involved with curriculum development, and a sought-after technical trainer.

Mr. Fassett is the founder of President/Owner IEM Energy Consultants, Inc.  He holds a BSME (Emphasis in Power Plant Systems Design and Operation) from North Dakota State University and is a Registered Professional Engineer in the State of Texas. Prior to forming his own consulting firm Mr. Fassett  was involved with various aspects of power plant management at Dynegy, Mobay Chemical and  Basin Electric Power Cooperative,  ranging from  engineering support and plant start-ups to day-to-day plant management and O&M management and training, including extensive experience with F and G class gas turbines.

Mr. Fassett’s current consulting work involves a wide variety of O&M-related areas and activities: Long Term Maintenance Strategy Development, Contract Development and Negotiation, Project Management, Risk Mitigation, Procedure Development, Budget Forecasting, and best practices evaluation. He has acted as owner’s engineer and as an expert witness.
Notable projects include:

  • Project manager for the installation of a five- (5) unit peaking plant
  • Reviewed  O&M  procedures  and  practices  for  multiple  power  plants including coal  fired,  gas turbine, internal combustion engines and biomass
  • Developed fuel supply and ash handling contract for RDF plant
  • Start up support for four- (4) unit 600MW peaking plant
  • Project manager for repowering of eight (8) combustion turbines going into 2 different plants
  • Developed 30 year O&M estimates for three (3) separate utility grade coal fired power plants
  • Startup manager for waste heat recovery facility in Texas
  • Provided oversight on behalf of underwriter during recovery efforts after catastrophic  breaker failure and subsequent fire at municipal utility
  • Conducted root cause analysis of transformer failure on behalf of insurance provider
  • Renegotiation of three- (3) CSA’s representing ten (10) GE7FA+E CTGs and three- (3) STGs
  • Performed financial analysis on LTSA for 500MW 2x1 Siemens 501FD
  • Assisting with LTP negotiations on new 2x1 501F power plant
  • LTP Contract review for existing 2x1501F power plant
  • Conducted life cycle cost analysis for 5 Siemens gas turbines,
  • Developed bid package for LTSA type agreement for four- (4) LM25000 gas turbines
  • Developed and negotiated $90MM LTSA for 500MW combined cycle power plant
  • Developed bid package for LTSA type agreement for 2x1, 500MW power plant
  • Owner’s Engineer for hot gas path inspection of 501D5A
  • Analyzed  and  developed  strategy  for  renegotiating  LTSA  for  six-  (6)  gas  turbine  based  “F” technology combined cycle power plants representing over 5000MW
  • Assisted with negotiation of 9FA LTSA in Italy
  • Assisted with negotiation of the first MHI “G” class LTSA
  • Developed LTSA RFP and evaluated bids for five- (5) unit power plant in Mexico
  • Developed 25-year fixed and variable O&M budget for several combined cycle  power plants

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