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Steam Turbine Forum Master: Harold (Hal) Parker serves as the overall technical resource for the Steam Turbine Forum.

Turbine Component Inspection and Non Destructive Examination (NDE) – Moderator: Fred Simma
Forum addresses topics such as steam path cracking and damage; casing distress; bearing and rotor journal damage and steam inlet valve & steam chest degradation.

Steam Path Efficiency/Heat Rate – Moderator: Dr. Simon Hogg
Forum addresses issues with: steam conditions; condenser vacuum (back pressure); blade deposits/erosion & corrosion and seal wear.

Reliability Monitoring (Instrumentation & Troubleshooting) – Moderator: Don Osborne
Forum addresses bearing vibration; differential expansion, temperature sensing; pressure sensing; shell or casing expansion and acoustic monitoring or thermography.

Turbine Controls & Overspeed Protection (EHC/MHC) – Modertor: Joe Byrd
Forum addresses topics such as: mechanical hydraulic turbine control systems; analog electrical hydraulic turbine control systems and digital electrical hydraulic turbine control systems.

Support Systems Reliability – Moderator: Alain Foote
Forum covers issues related to bearing lubricating oil; gland sealing steam and the hydraulic oil (EHC) system.

Operational Issues & Troubleshooting – Moderator: James Wieters
Forum addresses issues with unit startup; load changing/cyclic operation; planned and unplanned transients; shutdown and reserve or lay-up condition.

Overhaul & Maintenance – Moderator: Ken Palmer
Forum addresses issues such as turbine: disassembly & reassembly; alignment; foreign material exclusion; thermal distortion, heat rate degradation and life cycle management (LCM).

High Impact, Low Probability – Moderator: Stephen Reid
Forum address problems with high operational impacts, but low probability for occurance such as: water induction; electrical turning gear failure; bearing instability (whip); steam whirl; torsional vibration; overspeed and extraction line forced closed non-return valves.

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