The IGTC Solution

Our solution: what is needed is a worldwide industry resource to improve worldwide networking and communication within the Power Plant community.

National Electric Coil recognizes the unique challenges facing our industry and responded with founding the International Generator Technical Community or IGTC.

The IGTC was created to pool and disseminate detailed technical information about power plants and assist industry professionals leverage opportunities to maintain and improve the reliability of high voltage generators. and the successful maintenance and operation of power plants.

After only two years, the IGTC Forum on Generators grew into a worldwde network of over 1,000 members in 66 countries.

IGTC volunteers have now expanded the forum site to include all areas of power plant technologies. Together we are enriching the knowledge base for all professionals working in our industry - one that will benefit all members of the power plant community regardless of their geographic location, financial means, operational budgets or industry experience.

As an industry, so much of what we have, we often take for granted. As individuals, we need to join together and provide equal access to solutions for the distinct challenges facing our industry. Solutions begin with the transfer of technical knowledge, and when a knowledge base is organized, it can become a worldwide resource for all to share.

We are entering a New World of communication with the world wide web, and with the creation of the IGTC, a new opportunity has been created for all of us to build a power plant technical community without borders.

Solving the power demands of the future starts with access to technical knowledge, it starts here; powered by a community - the International Generator Technical Community.

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