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Joseph Clappis, gas turbine controls Joseph Clappis serves as the moderator of the Controls Systems & Monitoring forum. Mr. Clappis has nearly 30 years in the power generation industry, most of it working on the installation and commissioning of GE-design heavy duty gas turbine-generators.

A graduate of the GE Field Engineering Program, Mr. Clappis has a wide ranging understanding of basic physical concepts, instrumentation and control concepts, and power generation concepts and practices, allowing him to the ability to quickly troubleshoot and resolve issues. He has worked on all the digital GE Speedtronic turbine control systems (Mark IV, Mark V, Mark VI and Mark VIe). he has a keen awareness of the importance of understanding systems, control devices and operation.

Mr. Clappis presently works for MD&A (Mechanical Dynamics & Analysis) Control Systems Division, as a Senior Control Engineer. Prior to joining MD&A, he spent the better part of 28 years working for various GE power generation departments.


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