Community Networking Advocates
IGTC Power Plant Technical Forums have been developed as a service to the power generation industry. The IGTC is committed to offering forums focused on topics relevant to the operation and maintenance of power plants.

These forums have a high level of technical content and are designed to help engineers and technicians link up with peers and mentors worldwide in discussions of relevance to their day-to-day power plant duties. Because these forums are volunteer designed and maintained, there is a need for qualified volunteers to serve in different capacities.

• Round Table Moderators
• Community Networking Advocates
• Community Resource Prospectors

Both individuals and companies can act as Forum Advocates, who assist the task of sharing the IGTC with others:

• Telling electric Power Plant-relevant employees and co-workers about the IGTC

• Speaking for the IGTC or handing out IGTC information cards at a conference, workshop, professional society meeting

• Mailing or emailing to customers and other relevant contacts IGTC information

• Providing links from their website to the IGTC website

• Participating in various in-kind exchanges of publicity with the IGTC

• Creating a specific, unique opportunity to advocate for the IGTC

Interested IGTC members who would like to be involved with being a Community Networking Advocate are are encouraged to review the application here.

The IGTC is a worldwide resource, extending across borders to all members of the electric power generation industry.

Contribution through Participation.

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