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Dr. Maxine Watson, Quest Integrity Group Maxine Watson, PhD, serves as the moderator of the Component Life Cycle Management category of the IGTC Gas Turbine forum.

Dr. Watson, presently the Director of Power Resources for Quest Integrity LLC in New Zealand, has over 30 years of experience in rotating equipment engineering, safety and risk management specializing in life management and failure prevention. Dr. Watson, educated in the UK, has a first class BSc (Honors) in Metallurgy and Microstructural Engineering for which she was awarded the Institute of Metallurgists Royal Charter Prize for outstanding achievement and a PhD in Engineering undertaken for the UK Atomic Energy Authority.

Before moving to New Zealand Dr. Watson held several senior positions in the UK including Head of Power and Utilities, for ESR Technology.  ESR incorporated three UK National Centers of Excellence – The National Centre of Tribology, The National Non-Destructive Testing Centre and the Pump Centre (UK Centre of excellence in pumps and pumping system technology). Dr. Watson was previously the Head of Metallurgy and Materials Engineering with the Engineering, Safety and Risk Division and the Rail Division of AEA Technology in the UK.   She began her career in the Nuclear Industry with the United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority (UKAEA).  She worked on research, life management, design, build, commissioning and de-commissioning issues on nuclear and conventional power plants facilities.
Dr. Watson enjoyed extensive industry involvement even before relocating to New Zealand:

  • Founding and long-time advisory board member of the UK National Pump Centre
  • Member of the UK Institute of Materials Surface Engineering committee and UK Institute of Mechanical Engineers Tribology Group

Dr. Watson current industry activities include:

  • Chairperson of the Australia and New Zealand Gas Turbine Users Forum (www.GTUF.com)
  • Chairperson of the Geothermal Steam Turbine Users Group (www.GSTUG.com)
  • Chairperson of technical sessions for various industry technical events around the world
  • American Society for Mechanical Engineers (ASME) - devises and presents training, including workshops in gas and steam turbine failure investigation and in gas turbine rotor life management

Dr. Watson has undertaken many strategic projects for the power generation, aviation, oil and gas, mining, rail and defense industries.  These projects have included engine reliability and availability programs, business continuity management, engineering, safety and risk management, critical equipment life planning, maintenance optimization, overhaul and repair schemes, commissioning issues and best practice implementation. She has a proven track record in delivering benefits to industry from research projects. She has devised and managed several multi-million-pound (£) industrially-sponsored research programs aimed at improving the service life and reliability of rotating machinery including four, multi-industry client programs on the industrial applications of coatings and surface treatments to prolong component life. She also completed a three year joint industry program on gas turbine asset management as part of the Australian CIEAM initiative. Dr. Watson also devises and presents training courses for IIR Australia, ibc Asia and Petroedge in root cause failure analysis, metallurgy for engineers, fitness for service, gas and steam turbine failure investigation, hot gas part parts life management, wear, corrosion and surface engineering and gas turbine life management.

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