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Rodger Anderson, DRS TechnologiesRodger Anderson serves as the moderator of the Efficiency/Heat Rate forum. Mr. Anderson
is currently Manager for Gas Turbine Technology for DRS-Power Technology Incorporated.

Mr. Anderson joined Power Technology Incorporated (now DRS-Power Technology Inc.) in July 2001 as Manager of Gas turbine Technology. DRS-PTI is an engineering services business focused on the machinery and systems design for naval and commercial power plants. Mr. Anderson holds both a Bachelor of Science and Master of Science degrees in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Minnesota. He leads the company’s gas turbine marketing and development programs as well as consulting and providing expert witness review for OEMs, users and insurance companies.

Mr. Anderson came to PTI with 6 years of experience as Hartford Steam Boiler’s (HSB) gas turbine manager where he provided their account teams and field engineers with the underwriting guidelines and engine specific guidelines to perform active risk selection and loss avoidance. When a loss occurred, he provided many root cause investigations to ensure that the loss was separated from normal wear and aging and also from OEM generic problems. He has provided numerous expert witness statements and court room testimonies for claims litigation. While at HSB he conducted numerous seminars, both within and out side the company, on gas turbine design and operation.
Prior to HSB he had 29 years of experience with GE Power Systems where he worked extensively in the turbine blade and rotor design and development of heavy duty gas turbine engines as well as leading the design of total power plants including the installation, marketing and servicing of these products. Also, during this period, he managed three engine development programs that produced flange-to-flange engine designs as well as the packaging and accessory designs for the gas turbine/generators.

He holds seven United States Patents on gas turbine technology and has additional patents pending. He has authored and presented papers at numerous conferences around the world. Mr. Anderson’s professional affiliations include ASME and he is a licensed professional engineer in the State of New York.

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