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Generator Forum Master: William G. Moore, PE serves as the overall technical resource for the Generator Forum.

Generator Visual Inspections – Moderator: Bert Milano, PE
Forum addresses topics such as stator dusting, greasing, contamination and foreign debris; rotor and exciter visual inspections.

Stator Electrical Testing – Moderator: James E. Timperley, PE
Forum addresses uses and testing techniques for stator electrical tests including Stator Winding AC/DC Hipot, Leakage, Absorption, Doble and Power Factor, Partial Discharge and Electrical Magnetic Interference (EMI).

Rotor Electrical Testing - David Albright
Forum addresses such as uses and testing techniques for rotor electrical tests including running electrical tests, flux probe, impedance, meggar; stationary electrical tests, shorts, ground testing; shaft voltages, residual magnetism and other issues.

Vibration Monitoring – Alan Spisak, PE
Forum addresses topics such as: rotor balancing, thermal sensitivity and other vibration excursions.

Inner Water-Cooled Stator Windings - Clyde Maughan, PE
Forum covers issues related to inner water-cooled stator windings, including but not limited to: water leaks, crevice corrosion, capacitance mapping, conductor erosion, plugging, water chemistry, bar side wear and deterioration of packing systems, and support systems.

Inner Hydrogen-Cooled Stator Windings – Moderator: James S. Edmonds, PE
Forum addresses issues of stator end winding bracing, blocking series and phase connection deterioration and gas flow blockages.

Large Air-Cooled Generators - Moderator: Greg Stone, PhD
Forum addresses issues such as large global VPI repairs, spark erosion, dusting, greasing and other deterioration.

Rotor Windings - Joseph Romeo
Forum address both cylindrical high-speed rotors as well as salient pole rotors. Issues include, but are not limited to: shorted turns, grounds, copper dusting, racheting, crossover failures for cylindrical rotors; connector failures and insulation migration for salient pole rotors.

Rotor Mechanical Components – Moderator: Andrew Spisak, PE
Forum addresses addresses topics such as cracking of rotor teeth, slot wedge fretting, galling, burning, negative sequence damage, rotor forging evaluation and quality, retaining ring and slip ring issues.

Stator Core, Clamping Systems and Frame – Moderator: Robert T. Ward
Forum addresses lamination migration, looseness, flux trap, pressure plate, core clamping, through bolt systems, damage and repair of core iron, keybar rattle, and fresting and looseness of core to frame interface.

Stator Endwinding Vibration & Resonance - Moderator: Alan Spisak, PE
Forum addresses issues such as bump testing, resonant response of stator components, and endwinding structural support, isolation and detuning.

Hydrogenerators – Moderator: Richard Huber, PE
Forum addresses stator winding partial discharge, cutting out coils, stator core damage, rotor balance issues, pole to pole connector failures, field coil grounds, and field coil shorts.

Hydrogenerator Vibration & Dynamics – Moderator André Tétreault
Forum address covers rotor, stator and turbine vibration and dynamics issues on hydrogenerators. Topics include but are not limited to items such as, hydrogenerator air-gap movement and changes, vibration of the stator coils, core and core and frame, as well as the rotor shaft, field poles and items related to turbine vibration behavior.

Diesel-Driven Generators – Moderator: Izzy Kerszenbaum, PhD, PE
Forum covers issues related to generators with a Diesel engine as prime-mover. Although at the low end of the MVA spectrum covered by the IGTC, many of these machines perform critical functions. The forum currently addresses three types of applications: Emergency Diesel Generators (EDGs), Black-Start Diesel Generators and Diesel Generators for off-grid operation.

Exciters - Moderator: Andrew Spisak, PE
Forum addresses glass band failures, rewinds, grounds, vertical phase lead fatigue, wire banding failures, geared exciters and static exciters.

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