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Septimus van der Linden, BRULIN Associates Septimus van der Linden serves as the moderator of the High Impact Low Probability (HILP) forum.

Septimus van der Linden serves as the moderator for the High Impact Low Probability forum. Mr. van der Linden, a naturalized American citizen, was born and educated in South Africa with a Mechanical Engineering degree and immigrated to Canada in 1957, has brought many innovations to the Power Industry during his career.

Mr. van der Linden brings to the forum over 45 years of world-wide experience in power equipment and rotating machinery. Mr. van der Linden is currently President of BRULIN Associates, which was incorporated in 2002 and provides consulting services to the power industry in the area of strategic marketing and application of new technology development, new power concepts, and related functions including technical, legislative, regulatory, environmental and other after- market services. with three major international companies: Worthington Corporation, Curtiss-Wright Power Systems, and ALSTOM Power. He is still active with the ASME from whom he received the Dedicated Service Award in 1998 and is also past Chair of the Electric Power Committee of the IGTI-International Gas Turbine Institute. Van der Linden has been associated with Energy Storage, CAES (Compressed Air Energy Storage) development & studies since 1981.

He is Staff Consultant to the Energy Storage Council and serves on the Advisory Boards of ASME IGTI, PowerGen International and Electric Power. He has contributed to the EPRI-DOE Handbook of Energy Storage for Transmission and Distribution Applications.

He is also involved with emerging technologies related to renewable energy and efficiency are currently, especially solar/storage, waste heat power recovery and Adiabatic CAES with pipe storage.
Recent consulting engineer projects include:

  • 50 MW Gasification CC power plant
  • Waste Heat power recovery from metals production
  • Utility Multi-MW CAES projects  - providing services as Technical Advisor to Worley Parsons Folsom, California
  • Expert Witness : CAES applicability in Maryland
  • LLC Docket No. 52-016-COL
  • Two technical visits to China invited by the Institute of Engineering Thermo physics;
  • Chinese Academy of Sciences –  topics covering: CAES Turbo machinery, Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) and Waste Energy Recovery
  • DOE/NETL Review Services-several engagements including; Review Services have been provided to NETL “Enabling Turbine Technologies for High Hydrogen Fuels Proposal” DE-PS26-05NT42380-1, Hydrogen Turbines for Future Gen.
  • Steel mill 300 MW CC Power Plant study and project implementation in Ukraine using Blast Furnace Gas. Investigation and study of steel mill power plant upgrades with Combined Cycle plant—Project completed and Commissioned
  • South Africa Design and application of CC power plant with Organic Rankine cycle with Innovative Pyrolytic Modula coal Gasifier
  • China-Pipeline Gas Turbine Innovative Organic Rankine Cycle waste heat power recovery cycle development & application
  • International-Continued development CAES power plant with Gas Turbines and Expander Turbines
  • Iowa Storage Energy Park Agency, provided support to the study on large CAES project as “Subject Matter Expert” related to Turbo Machinery for CAES Power Plant
  • PG&E CAES 2 Study
  • EUCI Webinar “Compressed Air Energy Storage”


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