Community Resource Prospectors
IGTC Power Plant Technical Forums have been developed as a service to the power generation industry. The IGTC is committed to offering forums focused on topics relevant to the operation and maintenance of power plants.

These forums have a high level of technical content and are designed to help engineers and technicians link up with peers and mentors worldwide in discussions of relevance to their day-to-day power plant duties. Because these forums are volunteer designed and maintained, there is a need for qualified volunteers to serve in different capacities.

• Round Table Moderators
• Community Networking Advocates
• Community Resource Prospectors

Individuals and companies can act as Resource Prospectors in helping to add to and improve IGTC Resource Center wiki.

The IGTC Resource Center consists of three sections, the IGTC Library, the Resources Guide and News & Events.

A Forum Resource Prospector supports the IGTC by providing most of the following:

• Appropriate participants for the Resources Guide listing sections
• Information about events relevant to the IGTC constituency
• Credible technical content for the IGTC Library to be included as documents or links
• Posting information or documents to wiki pages
• Organizing appropriate topic sections and content
• Reviewing and/or writing descriptions of content
• Soliciting "book reviews" from members

Interested IGTC members who would like to be involved as Community Resource Prospectors are encouraged to review the application here.

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