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IEEE Generator Subcommittee Participation

The IEEE Generator Subcommittee of the Electric Machines Committee is looking for participation in revising the IEEE 67 Guide for Operation and Maintenance of Turbine Generators.  If you have an interest in participating or wish to lead the working group, please contact Rob Messel at robert.messel@siemens-energy.com.


January 2024 - EPRI Steam Turbine Generator User Group (TGUG), Turbine & Generator Workshop, TGUG Technology Fair
More information at: https://www.generatortechnicalforum.org/portal/viewpage.php?page_id=1


The IGTC thanks the all of the individuals currently serving as category moderators in the GENERATOR, STEAM TURBINE, GAS TURBINE & HYDRAULIC TURBINE forums for the generous donation of their time!!!

:: The IGTC is fortunate to have all of these individuals contribute their time and technical knowledge. ::

:: International Generator Technical Community: CONTRIBUTION BY PARTICIPATION!! ::

:: The IGTC thanks the following individuals currently serving as GENERATOR forum category moderators: 

Bill Moore, PE, EPRI
>> Generator Forum Master

David Albright, Generatortech
>> Rotor Electrical Testing forum category

Mike Davis, Machine Monitor, LLC. (AU)
>>Visual Inspections forum category

James S. Edmonds, PE, Exponent
>> Inner-Hydrogen Cooled Windings forum category

Bert Milano, PE, Hydropower Power Plant Technical Consultant

>> Hydrogenerator forum category

Relu Ilie, Israel Electric
>>Round Table discussions category

Dr. Isidor Kerszenbaum, PE, IzzyTech
>> Diesel Generator forum category

Clyde Maughan, PE, Maughan Engineering
>> Inner Water Cooled Windings forum category

James R. Michalec, Motor and Generator Consulting
>> IGTC Resouce Center Librarian

Joseph Romeo, JR Consulting Inc.
>> Rotor Windings forum category

Kent N. Smith, Duke Energy
>> Online Generator Monitoring & Testing forum category

Alan Spisak, PE, Electro Mechanical Engineering Associates
>> Vibration Monitoring forum category
>> Stator Endwinding Vibration Resonance forum category

Andrew Spisak, PE, Electro Mechanical Engineering Associates
>> Rotor Mechanical Components forum category
>> Exciters forum category

Dr. Greg Stone, BSEE, PhD, IRIS Power LP (CA)
>> Large Air-Cooled Generators forum category

André Tétreault, VibroSystM (CA)
>> Hydrogenerator Vibration Dynamics forum category

James E. Timperley, PE, James Timperley Consulting
>> Stator Electrical Testing forum category

Robert T. Ward, Ward Electric Service Corporation (In Memoriam)
>> Stator Core, Clamping Systems and Frame forum category


:: The IGTC thanks the following individuals currently serving as STEAM TURBINE forum category moderators:

Harold (Hal) Parker, HPC Technical Services
>> Steam Turbine Forum Master

Joseph F. Byrd, Consulting Engineer
>> Turbine Controls and Overspeed Protection forum category

Eur.Ing. Alain Foote B.Sc., C.Eng., F.I.MechE., Alstom, Retired (UK)
>> Support Systems Reliability forum category

Dr. Simon Hogg, BSc., PhD, Durham University (UK)
>> Steam Path Efficiency / Heat Rate forum category

Don Osborne, Mechtell, Inc.
>> Reliability Monitoring forum category

Ken Palmer, Florida Power & Light
>>Overhaul & Maintenance Issues forum category

Steve Reid, PE, TG Advisers, Inc.
>> High Impact Low Probability forum category

Fred Simma, PE, Black & Veatch

>> Turbine Component Inspection and NDE forum category

James Wieters, EPRI
>> Operational Issues & Troubleshooting forum category


:: The IGTC thanks the following individuals currently serving as GAS TURBINE forum category moderators:

Justin Voss, AES and ASME Combined Cycle Committee
>> Gas Turbine Forum Master

Rodger Anderson, PE, DRS Power Technology Inc.
>> Heat Rate/Efficency forum category

Scott Cavendish, PE, Independent Turbine Consulting
>> Auxiliary Systems Reliability forum category

 Joseph Clappis, MD&A
>> Control Systems & Monitoring forum category

John Downing, Turbine Controls & Excitation Group Inc.
>> Governing Protection & Control forum category

Jeff Fassett, PE, IEM Energy Consultants Inc.
>> Overhaul Best Practices forum category

Sal Paolucci, GT Accent Services
>> Maintenance Issues forum category

Bill Torrance, C Eng, Independent Consultant (UK)
>> Aero-Derivatives forum category

Sep van der Linden, Brulin Associates (In Memorium)
>> High Impact/Low Probability forum category

Dr Maxine Watson, Quest Integrity Group (UK)
>> Component Life Cycle Management forum category


:: The IGTC thanks the following individuals currently serving as HYDRAULIC TURBINE forum category moderators:

Colin Clark, PE, Brookfield Power (CA)
>> Hydraulic Turbine Forum Master

Paul Bernhardt, PE, Hatch Consulting Engineers
>> Turbine Maintenance & Overhauls forum categories panel

Lyle Branagan, PhD, Pioneer Motor Bearing
>> Bearings forum category

Roger Clarke-Johnson, American Governor
>> Governors forum category

William Fay, PE, Tacoma Power
>> Turbine Design-Specific Issues & Performance Troubleshooting forum categories panel

Ken Hostler, HCMS
>> Gates forum category

Clyde E. Krout, HCMS
>> Turbine Maintenance & Overhauls forum categories panel

Lee Sheldon, PE, Consulting Engineer
>> Turbine Design-Specific Issues & Performance Troubleshooting forum categories panel

Steve Wemke, PE, Avista
>> Turbine Maintenance & Overhauls forum categories panel

Visit all the IGTC POWER PLANT FORUMS, the Generator forum (founded in 2010); the Steam Turbine and Gas Turbine forums (founded in 2013); and our newest forum, the Hydraulic Turbine forum (founded in 2015)

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