With many challenges facing the power industry, the International Generator Technical Community was originally founded to help generator owners, operators and technicians face some of those challenges.


Discussions focused on efforts to service, maintain and improve the reliability of electric generators. Noted for both its technical content and usability, this forum on generators met with almost immediate success.


With members now in 95 countries, many of whom are early- and mid-career, new needs and topics for technical dialogues have emerged.


IGTC volunteers have responded by expanding the forum site to include additional power plant technologies, including steam, gas and hydraulic turbines, and options to add other major and balance of plant systems.

Informed solutions begin with access to knowledge, regardless of geographic location, financial means, operational budgets or industry experience.

Our mission is to facilitate connection of technical information, enabling equal access to industry specific content for all industry professionals.

The IGTC is a worldwide resource, extending across borders to all members of the electric power generation industry.

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