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Salvatore Paolucci, GT Accent ServicesSalvatore Paolucci serves as the moderator of the Maintenance Issues forum. Mr. Paolucci has 32+ years experience in the power generation industry, 27 of them with GE.

In 2006 founded he founded GT Accént Services, focusing primarily in providing Technical Outage Oversight and Outage Support directly for the customers, for all GE heavy duty gas turbines: Frame 5, 6B, 7E/7EA, and 7FA. Also, he is providing O&M and Technical Training on Gas Turbines Maintenance and Controls, (GE MK2 & MK4) including Combined Cycle Plant, for HPC. Sal has also been aligned with: Pond And Lucier (PAL), North American Energy Services (NAES), TurboCare, Tetra Engineering; when they need support.

Mr. Paolucci started as a field engineer (1978’FEDC grad. to 1995); from 1978 to 1985 worked for GETSCO, the international branch of GE I&SE. Here he was responsible for the installation, start-up and maintenance of a number of gas turbines for: power generation, compressors, and high pressure water pumps; the jobs took him all over the world. In addition to this installation and maintenance work, Mr. Paolucci was also assigned to a two-year assignment as Resident Engineer at PT Arum, a
Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) Processing Plant in North Sumatra, Indonesia.

In 1987 he left field engineer work for a brief time to accept a position with the City of Santa Clara, in California; as a Generation Specialist. In 1989 Returned to GE, installation and Field Services (I&FS) New England Office, where he was a Lead Field Engineer for the installation and commissioning of two Combined Cycle Power Plants
(4x7EA+2STM): Ocean State Power, in Rhode Island and Masspower, in Springfield, MA.

In 1995, returned to GE as Operation Manager with GE Operation and Maintenance (O&M) at Masspower(2x7EA Co-Gen). In 2000 switched the Maintenance Manager position. In 2005, Masspower restructured and Sal took one year of sabbatical.

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