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Rodger Anderson serves and the moderator of the Efficiency/Heat Rate GT forum category. Mr. Anderson has been Manager, Gas Turbine Technology at DRS-Power Technology Incorporated since 2001 where, among other duties, he consults and provides expert witness review for OEMs, users and insurance companies. Mr. Anderson has over 30 years prior industry experience in gas turbine blade and rotor design with GE and as Hartford Steam Boiler's gas turbine manager. Mr Anderseon is active with the ASME, holds five US Patents on gas turbine technology with additional patents pending and has authored and presented papers at numerous conferences around the world. 

Scott Cavendish serves as the moderator of the Auxiliaries Systems Reliability GT forum category. Mr. Cavendish has extensive experience in various aspects of troubleshooting, repair, modification and analysis of gas turbine performance, mostly with GE.  He is presently president of Independent Turbine Consulting, LLC a fast-growing provider of highly experienced and effective Field Engineer and Project Management professionals for gas, steam and wind turbine projects. Scott is also a certified Six Sigma green belt and has been recognized with “Clear Thinker” and “Customer Star Service” awards.

Joseph Clappis serves as the moderator of the Controls Systems & Monitoring GT forum category. Mr. Clappis is presently a Senior Controls Engineer with MD&A Turbines, Control System Division and brings with him 30 years’ experience installing & commissioning gas turbine generating plants.  A graduate of the GE field engineering program, Joe has developed a keen awareness of the importance of understanding systems, control devices and operation which has led to the ability for him to be able to quickly troubleshoot and resolve issues.  One of Joe’s objectives is to develop quality, computer-based training modules for heavy duty gas turbine operation and controls technicians using situational-based training.

John Downing serves as the moderator of the Governing Protection & Control Systems GT forum category. Mr. Downing has a vast background in turbine control systems, having started in the US Navy on GE LM2500's he then moved to GE, primarily as a 7FA startup engineer, installing and commissioning new plants across the USA. He is recognized by his peers as one of the foremost turbine controls systems experts and presently wears three hats with Turbine Controls & Excitation Group, Inc. as CEO, Director of Sales & Marketing and Senior Turbine Controls Engineer.

Jeffrey J. Fassett serves as the moderator of the Overhaul Best Practices GT forum category. Mr. Fassett has worked in various roles in the power industry for over 30 years and as a consulting engineer assists clients, in various countries, to adapt to changing market conditions and manage their generating facilities.

Salvatore Paolucci serves as the moderator of the Maintenance Issues GT forum category Mr. Paolucci has more than 30 years of experience internationally in the field of gas turbine installation, start-up and maintenance, mostly with GE.  Sal is presently a consultant and the owner of GT Accent Services, a company which provides technical oversight to plant owners & operators in order to ensure technical issues are discovered, understood and resolved in a timely manner. Mr. Paolucci also regularly provides formal technical training instruction to operators on gas turbine maintenance and control.

Bill Torrance,BSc., Ceng., F.I.MechE. serves as the moderator of the Aero-Derivative Specifics GT forum category. Eng. Torrance has over 30 years of experience in all aspects of the Power Generation and Process industries and is presently working as a consulting engineer in a variety of senior roles for leading international companies, ranging from machine design and feasibility studies to major project management, permitting and environmental studies, and financial and legal analyses.

Justin Voss serves as the Gas Turbine forum's overall moderator. Mr. Voss began his career with the US Navy and has over 20 years’ experience in senior engineering positions with several insurance companies prior to joining AES. He is active with the ASME and is the current Technical Program Coordinator and Secretary for the Power Division Executive Committee (EXCOM). he is also Past Chair and an active member of its Combined Cycle Committee.

Dr. Maxine Watson, PhD, serves as the moderator of the Component Life Cycle Management forum category. Dr. Watson, presently the Director of Power Resources for Quest Integrity LLC in New Zealand, has over 30 years of experience in rotating equipment engineering, safety and risk management specializing in life management and failure prevention.

Septimus van der Linden is the moderator of the High Impact Low Probability GT forum cagegory. With more than 45 years of experience in power generation, Mr. van der Linden has extensive world-wide experience in power equipment and rotating machinery. He is still active with the ASME from whom he received the Dedicated Service Award in 1998 and is also past Chair of the Electric Power Committee of the IGTI-International Gas Turbine Institute. Mr. van der Linden is presently an International Consultant specializing in gas turbines & emerging technologies and has served as President of BRULIN Associates LLC. since his retirement from Alstom Power as VP & Director of Strategic Planning & New Technology Business development.



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