July 15, 2015
The IGTC has brought its new Hydraulic Turbines forum online. We hope that you will pass this information on to any of your professional colleagues who might be involved with these machines. For those of you who may be attending Hydrovision, please stop by booth #8074 and visit with us.

The IGTC thanks our new Hydraulic Turbine moderators, as well as other industry experts, such as Remi Tremblay, Denis Thibault, Anne-Marie Giroux and other industry experts, who encouraged and assisted our team with their advice and technical expertise and in the development of this newest forum.

The list of volunteer moderators and discussion categories are as follows:

The Hydraulic Turbines overall Forum Master is Colin Clark, Chief Technical Officer of Brookfield Renewable Energy Group
In the specific discussion categories the moderators are as follows:
Turbine Design-Specific Issues & Performance Troubleshooting Panel:
o William Fay, P.E., Generation Supervisor of Mechanical Engineers, Tacoma Power
o Lee Sheldon, P.E., Consulting Engineer and adjunct Professor of Fluid Mechanics, and Basic and Advanced Hydropower Engineering, Oregon Institute of Technology
o Ken Hostler, Executive Vice President, HCMS
o Lyle Branagan, Ph.D., Engineering Manager, Pioneer Motor Bearings
o Roger Clarke-Johnson, Western Region Manager, American Governor
Turbine Maintenance & Overhauls Panel:
o Paul Bernhardt, P.E., Senior Manager, Hatch,
o Clyde Krout, President, HCMS

Please pass this information about the new Hydraulic Turbine forum on to your industry friends and colleagues who may be interested in participating in technical discussions about hydraulic turbines. Dont forget to include one of the forums URLs, www.generatortechnicalforum.org or www.powerplanttechnicalforum.org in your emails.

October 12, 2014
We are pleased to note that the IGTC has reached the milestone of its 2,500th member worldwide across 99 countries. We thank all members and technical organizations for their continued support and interest in the forum site.

December 5, 2013

The new Gas Turbines forum group has come online. It's the second new forum this fall and like our previous forums, it's organized in the same successful format for user interactions, mentoring and technically-oriented posting. Existing members will be able to view the new Gas Turbine Forum in the left side menu as a new option, just below the menu tab for the Generator Forum. We especially thank our new moderators for volunteering their time and efforts in getting the forum organized and online.

The moderators main topic areas covered in the new Gas Turbine forum are as follows:
1. Justin Voss, AES and ASME Combined Cycle Committee, GT Forum Master (Overall GT Forum Moderator)
2. Jeff Fasset P.E., IME Energy, Topic: Overhaul Best Practices
3. Maxine Watson, PhD, Quest Integrity Group Inc., Topic: Component Life Style Management
4. Sal Paolucci, GT Accent Services, Topic: Maintenance Issues
5. Joe Clappis, MD&A Topic: Controls Systems & Monitoring
6. Rodger Anderson P.E., DRS Technologies, Topic: Efficiency / Heat Rate
7. John Downing, TC&E, Topic: Governing Protection & Control Systems
8. Scott Cavendish, Independent Turbine Consulting Topic: Auxiliary Systems Reliability
9. Bill Torrance C.Eng., Independent Consultant in UK, Topic: Aero-Derivative Specifics
10. Septimus van der Linden, BRULIN Associates, Topic: High Impact Low Probability (HILP)

Additional details on the moderators and topic areas are found on the Overview tabs of each sub-topic of the main topic. We hope that you will share this information with your power plant colleagues who might have an especial interest in this area.

October 19, 2013
The new Steam Turbines forum group has come online. It's a new group that is organized in the same successful format for user interactions, mentoring and technically-oriented posting as the Generator Forum. Existing members will be able to view the new Steam Turbine Forum in the left side menu as a new option, just below the menu tab for the Generator Forum. We especially thank our new moderators for volunteering their time and efforts in getting the forum organized and online.

The main topic areas covered in the new Steam Turbine forum are as follows:
1. Hal Parker, HPC Technical Services, ST Forum Master (Overall Moderator)
2. Fred Simma, Black & Veatch, Topic: Turbine Component Inspection and Non Destructive Examination (NDE)
3. Simon Hogg, Durham University/UK, Topic: Steam Path Efficiency/Heat Rate
4. Don Osborne, Mechtell, Inc., Topic: Reliability Monitoring (Instrumentation & Troubleshooting)
5. Joe Byrd, Independent Controls Consultant, Topic: Turbine Controls & Overspeed Protection (EHC/MHC)
6. Alain Foote, Alstom Retired/UK , Topic: Support Systems Reliability
7. James Wieters, SCANA, Topic: Operational Issues & Troubleshooting
8. Ken Palmer, FP&L, Topic: Overhaul & Maintenance Issues
9. Steve Reid, TG Advisors, Inc., Topic: High Impact Low Probability (HILP)

Additional details on the moderators and topic areas are at the head of each subject under the tabs. We hope that you will share this information with your power plant colleagues who might have an especial interest in this area.

April 22, 2013
The IGTC has added a new technical category, Diesel-Driven Generators, to its Forum on Generators and welcomes Dr. Izzy Kerszenbaum, as the moderator. brings a rich background of experience in both generator machine design and the practical issues of operations, maintenance, reliability and safety. He is currently the Senior Managing Engineer in the area of Electrical Engineering & Computer Science at Exponent, a consulting firm specializing in in-depth scientific research and analysis. He is the co-author of the “Handbook of Large Turbo-Generator Operations and Maintenance.” He is also one of the lead instructors for the seminar “Design, Operation and Maintenance of Large Turbo-Generators.”

The IGTC thanks Dr. Kerszenbaum for giving his time and talent to the site. Look for the menu tab, Diesel-Driven Generators on the left-side forum menu. Click on one of the listed sub-topics and then the Overview folder tab to view the forum category description. For more information about Dr. Kerszenbaum, click here.

January 31, 2012
The International Generator Technical Community (IGTC) is pleased to announce that the IGTC Forum has, since the first of the year, attained over 900 members in 66 countries. Additionally, in our 14 different technical forums and Round Table, there are now over 2094 posts (comments) in more than 356 threads (discussion topics). We thank you all for your continued participation and support in the success of the only technical forum devoted exclusively to generators in the world. We also ask for your assistance in recruiting new members in order for the site surpass 1,000 members. (Attached is a summary fact sheet you can share with potential members.)

We are also pleased to announce that Jim Michalec has agreed to act as our new Round Table Coordinator. Jim is a former power plant electrical engineer for American Electric Power, well-known in the industry for his expertise with both generators and large electric motors. He will be developing a slate of timely topics appropriate for discussion in the round table format and return the Round Table to its regular operation. If you have a timely generator topic or issue, it might be perfect for the Round Table venue. Thank you, Jim!! Please forward your suggestions to jrmichalec@gmail.com or webmaster@generatortechnicalforum.org.

The IGTC also extends its congratulations to our esteemed IGTC moderator, Clyde Maughan. Mr. Maughan, a well-known consultant for large power plant generators and a frequent contributor to the IGTC forums, will be presenting a seven-part webinar with Live Q&A. This webinar series, hosted by CCJ Onscreen, covers generator monitoring, inspection and maintenance and will run Fridays at 2 pm EST (7 pm GMT) February 17 through March 31. Online registration will begin February 1 at www.ccj-online.com/onscreen/generators.

June 2, 2010

Round Table winner was announced.
Stator Core Testing was the topic for the June 2010 IGTC Forum Round Table.
The IGTC forum congratulates Clyde Maughan as the May 2010 winner and thanks the many other participates for their comments and voting.

To participate in the Round Table, when you log into the technical forum, look at the top of the Recent Activity List for a link to the Round Table Discussion of the month. After clicking on the Round Table Discussion link, interested and knowledgeable forum members can contribute opinions and views on the selected topic shown on the tab marked PREMISE. Their contributions to the discussion will show up on the tab marked COMMENTS.

May 17, 2010
The IGTC announced that a Round Table has been established as a means for members of the Forum to communicate individual thoughts and perspectives on the direction and development of specific industry issues impacting installed generating fleets.

Each month a new issue or article will be posted in the Forum for members to contribute to and participate in. Special recognition will be given to Round Table participants at the end of each month through an online voting system. The participant who receives the most votes by a percentage of the voting body receives the monthly "IGTC Round Table Award". For more information, click here or visit the Round Table in the Forum category.

May 16, 2010
New postings have been generated on specific problems in high voltage generators.

The IGTC High Voltage Generator Forum addresses reliability and repair issues such as:
diagnosis. repair, trouble shooting, maintenance, malfunction and intermittent issues found in fossil, hydro and nuclear high voltage generators.

New postings are made each day in the Technical Forum with possible solutions for problems with high voltage generators.
The International Generator Technical Forum can help you maintain the reliability and extend the life of a high voltage electrical generator.

To join the IGTC Forum, click here

March 14,
New International Generator Technical Forum Moderators Announced

Moderators serving on the IGTC High Voltage Generator Forum are:

David Albright - Generatortech
Rotor Electrical Testing Forum

James S. Edmonds - Exponent
Inner Hydrogen-Cooled Stator Windings Forum

Kim Eiss - Generator Consulting
Generator Visual Inspections Forum

Kalman N. Lehoczky - Lehoczky & Associates
Hydrogenerator Forum

Clyde Maughan - Clyde Maughan Consulting
Inner Water-Cooled Stator Windings

Bill Moore - National Electric Coil
International Generator Technical Forum Master

Joseph Romeo -
Rotor Windings

Alan Spisak - EME
Vibration Monitoring Forum
Stator Endwinding Vibration & Resonance Forum

Andrew Spisak, P. E. - EME
Rotor Mechanical Components Forum
Exciters Forum

Greg Stone, PhD - Iris Power LP
Large Air-Cooled Generators Forum

James E. Timperley - DOBLE Engineering
Stator Electrical Testing Forum

Robert T. Ward - Ward Electric Service Corporation
Stator Core, Clamping Systems and Frame

The International Generator Technical Forum is very fortunate to have these accomplished industry professionals contribute their time and perspectives on high voltage generators in the IGTC Forum.

March 1, 2010

In order to increase international awareness of the IGTC technical forum, we are running full-page ads appearing in the April issue of Power Engineering International and Issue Two (March/April) of the International Journal on Hydropower & Dams. To see the ad click here.

February 25, 2010
New articles posted under resources. An excellent resource on electrical generators with suspicious visual signs or out of the ordinary behaviors.

February 12, 2010
Some of the postings in the high voltage generator forum are:
Success of Rewind, of GVPI stators ...
Butt Brazed Joints...
White Dust...
Submersible Generator for Hydrokinetics...
DC Hipot malfunction - meter static charge...
Running Electrical Tests: Flux Probe...

February 1, 2010
IGTC Forum Master announced:

Mr. Bill Moore, P.E.
Director of Product
Line Development
National Electric Coil,
Columbus, Ohio, U.S.A

Bill was the Engineering Manager of NEC since 1997, and is now the Director of Product Line Development. He is a vital contributor to NEC's success in the power generation industry. He has been a very active participant in the many venues of the generator-related technical community.

Professional Associations
• Past Chairman of the ASME Power Division
• Professional Engineer in Ohio & Florida
• Turbine - Generator Short Course Instructor for EPRI, ASME, Power Gen, Electric Power
• Published and presented over 65 technical papers in the Power Generation Field

We welcome and thank Bill for accepting the challenge and responsibility of being our Charter IGTC Forum Master.

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