Applying to the IGTC - Advocates & Prospectors
In return for the active, enthusiastic, documentable volunteer support and consideration given to the IGTC, members are accorded additional privileges by the IGTC.

• Listing/s in agreed-upon appropriate categories in the IGTC Resource Center’s Power Plant Services Guide, including direct links to consulting / corporate website or an embedded website page, and the privilege of attaching selected size and format compliant brochures to the listing.

• Wiki Profile auto-link from member’s postings to above-described listing.
(Note: Commercial information on members and their companies is made available to other IGTC members via a “Wiki Link” shown in under a member’s username, which is an auto-link to listing information in the IGTC Resource Center’s Power Plant Services Guide.)

We would like to know details about you and your industry career. The following is suggested information to include:

• Industry background and career highlights

• Motivations for your involvement with IGTC

• What specifically you would like to contribute

Please email the above information to the webmaster with your choice of position - Community Advocate or Community Prospector in the subject line.

Contact webmaster: webmaster

The IGTC is a worldwide resource, extending across borders to all members of the electric power generation industry.

Contribution through Participation.

National Electric Coil
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