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James Edmonds, Power Systems for Electric Power Generation James S. Edmonds serves as the moderator for the Inner Hydrogen-Cooled Stator Windings forum. Mr. Edmonds has over 40 years of industry experience and leads design and failure investigations on large turbo and hydro generators.

Mr. Edmonds is a Principal and the Practice Director of Exponent’s Electrical and Semiconductors practice. He specializes in power systems for electric power generation, covering all aspects of electric rotating machinery, including on-line machine condition monitoring and power plant equipment diagnostic techniques.

Mr. Edmonds has been responsible for leading design and failure investigations on large turbo and hydro generators, which have involved detailed analyses of the generator stator core, stator windings and rotors elements, as well as unit control systems, protective relaying schemes, monitoring systems, and plants operation and maintenance procedures. He also has developed root-cause analyses for equipment design and installation defects, for relay and control misoperations, and for electrical equipment malfunctions that were responsible for cascading events and major process and system losses.

Mr. Edmonds graduated with a BSEE from the University of Illinois in 1968, Kappa Eta Nu.
He is an IEEE Fellow and and a member of the CIGRE Study Committee 11, Rotating Machines. Mr. Edmonds has authored more than 11 published technical articles and 14 presentations.

Mr. Edmonds began his engineering career as a Staff Electrical Engineer with American Electric Power. He was responsible for all aspects of electric rotating machinery applications, including the evaluation of new equipment designs, establishing existing plant maintenance and refurbishment programs, and management of the decommissioning and disposal of retired rotating machinery. He also coordinated equipment contracts for new power plant construction.

After leaving AEP, he served as a project manager at DOE-ERDA for various development and research projects, later joining the the Electric Power Research Institute, where he was a project manager for 13 years.

At EPRI, Mr. Edmonds led advanced-technology research and development programs for improved power generation. This comprised technology assessments, technology development, product applications, market research, as well as commercialization aspects. While at EPRI Mr. Edmonds served at the National Science Foundation for one year as an electric utility industry research advisor.

Prior to joining Exponent, Mr. Edmonds was Co-Founder and Executive Vice President of MCM Enterprise Limited, responsible for the introduction, marketing, and sales of the company’s prime products: rotor mounted scanners for hydro-generators and lead acid battery monitoring systems. Mr. Edmonds supported the users of the diagnostic systems by providing interpretation and analysis of the diagnostic data.




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