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Electrical Insulation for Rotating Machines – Design Evaluation, Aging, Testing and Repair
Authors: Greg Stone, Edward A. Boulter, Ian Culbert, Hussein Dhirani, Hardcover and Adobe E-Book formats.
A comprehensive resource for the design, application, testing and maintenance of rotating machines that will help machine users avoid unnecessary machine failures, and reduce maintenance costs.Link to seller. Wiley 2004.
Author Greg Stone is the moderator of the IGTC forum on Large Air-Cooled Generators.

Maintenance for Turbine-Driven Generators
Author: Clyde V. Maughan, PE, Emeritus, Maughan Engineering Consultants
This book provides a maintenance manual which will help turbine-generator users remove some of these uncertainties, and thereby work more effectively and efficiently with their service providers in maintaining high reliability of their generators without unnecessary expenditures. The text is written from a manufacturer perspective, based on an experience background in generator design, manufacturing and service, as well as many years as an independent consultant. Focus of the text will intentionally be narrowly focused toward including only information directly relating to making optimum maintenance decisions.Download PDF E-Book.
Author Clyde Maughan is the moderator of the IGTC forum on Inner-Water Cooled Generators.

The Electric Generators Handbook - 2 Volume Set
Author: Ion Boldea, University Politehnica of Timisoara, Romania
Provides a comprehensive survey of all types of electrical generators in a convenient, unified reference. Covers the topologies, steady state, transients, modeling, performance, control, design, and testing of all types of constant and variable-speed generators. Offers a detailed discussion of the major prime movers for generators, modeling of transients, and their use in active power control of electrical generators. Includes self-contained coverage of synchronous generators not available in any other single source. Imparts practical, state-of-the-art knowledge for the design and control of starter alternators for hybrid-electric vehicles, wind and hydro generators, and linear motion generators. Link to bookseller. CRC Press, 2005.

Generating Power at High Efficiency: Combined Cycle Technology for Sustainable Energy Production
Author: Editor(s): E. Jeffs, Formerly Europeon Editor of Turbomachinery International
Reviews key developments in combined cycle technology. Explains key ideas with examples drawn from plants around the world. Discusses how combined cycle technology can evolve to meet future energy needs. Drawn from a wealth of experience and examples from around the world, this book reviews key developments in combined cycle technology that help to ensure sustainable energy production. It traces the early development of the combined cycle in Europe and North America to achieve higher efficiency of power generation. Link to bookseller. CRC Press, 2008.

Electric Energy: An Introduction, Second Edition
Author: Mohamed A. El-Sharkawi
The ongoing search for renewable energy, the societal impact of blackouts, the environmental impact of generating electricity, along with the new ABET criterion have contributed to renewed interest in electric energy as a core subject. Emphasizing modeling, analysis, and real-world issues, this new edition of Electric Energy provides a refreshed overview of this increasingly important field. Link to seller. CRC Press,2008.

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